Lonny Barnett
Biographical Information
    • Julia (mother)
  • Dennis
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Character Information
Portrayed by (Movie): Russel Brand

Lonny Barnett is one of the owners of The Bourbon Room.


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In the movie, Lonny (portrayed by Russel Brand), is shown as the manager of the Bourbon Room (alongside Dennis, whom he is always trying to assist) of which he has many roles - the main one is to introduce the acts on stage, notably introducing Wolfgang Von Colt, Arsenal, and the Z Guyeezz (much to his distaste). He is also shown to be lazy and a drunk, but kind and noticeing almost everything and remembering it - an example is a picture of Patricia in the cover of an Arsenal record posing nude next to Stacee Jaxx, having been able to recognize her almost immediately, and remembering who she was when she encountered Jaxx outside the Bourbon Room. At one stage, Drew finds him laying next to a toilet in a stall with toilet paper in his mouth and a toilet brush in his hand (Waiting for a Girl like you), but Lonny waves him off and Drew leaves. When asked by Drew why he doesn't take out the trash, it's shown that Lonny believes that it is important for musicians to "suffer". Lonny is an active protestor against the church groups that hate rock and roll.

When Sherrie arrived at the Bourbon Room, Dennis immediately picks out that she's a singer. Dennis is able to describe her whole life story, and Lonny picked out the details - although, it's unknown if Lonny is against singers being employed at the Bourbon Room.

As Dennis and Lonny are on break, the Mayor's address is shown on television. Lonny says that the Mayor's wife, Patricia Whitmore, looks "really familiar", but Dennis bushes him off with "you probably popped something on your ass that resembles her", and the subject moves on. The two talk and toast to rock and roll. Shortly after, the two sing (Juke Box Hero/I Love Rock 'n Roll) and almost kiss until they realize what is happening.

Later, the two talk about the Bourbon Room going into debt. When the subject turns to Arsenal, Lonny goes on a rant on how Stacee Jaxx is the most unreliable man in the music industry, but it ends as quickly as it started when Dennis demands that he pass the phone to call Paul Gill, Stacee's manager.

When Arsenal's opening act pulls out, Sherrie asks Dennis if Drew could open, and Lonny mistakes her for saying "Drool", of which she quickly corrects. When Dennis doesn't believe her, Sherrie makes a remark about him being "better than concrete balls", and Lonny quickly agrees and believes that Drew will be able to fill the opening act. The two finally win over Dennis, who is still reluctant. When Drew does a sound check (More than Words/Heaven), Lonny absolutely loves it, flicking on his lighter and saying "you beautiful bastard".

When it's Drew's time to get on stage, Lonny attempts to introduce him and his band, but doesn't know the band's name. Drew tells him "Wolfgang Von Colt", of which Lonny believes is ridiculous. Although told the name, Lonny pronounces it incorrectly, causing Drew to tell him again with the proper pronounciation. Regardless, Drew does not come on stage as he is witnessing Sherrie come out of Stacee Jaxx's room, fixing her shirt and him zipping up his pants. He then says the name to no avail, leaving the stage frustrated with Drew. Regardless of his frustration, Lonny loves Wolfgang Von Colt's performance (I Wanna Rock), and immediately forgets what happened. Later, during Arsenal's performance (Pour Some Sugar On Me), Drew comes to tell Dennis that he and Sherrie quit. When he leaves, Lonny becomes confused, and notes "why is everybody quitting today?" , of which Dennis replies that he doesn't care due to the Arsenal performance.

Later, after the Arsenal performance, Dennis and Lonny are calculating their profit ($31,203), when Stacee Jaxx's manager, Paul Gill walks in, and demands Stacee's take, which works out to be $31,209 - the Bourbon Room is $6 in debt, but Paul tells Dennis to keep it as he doesn't like singles. When Dennis pointed out that Paul told him Arsenal's perfomance was a freebie, Paul notes that "Stacee Jaxx doesn't take a dump for free". The two argue over Stacee, with Dennis saying that he gave Stacee his first gig, but Paul counters with "I gave him his first million". He then leaves with all of the profit made, leaving the Bourbon Room back in debt.

Lonny attempts to cheer Dennis, regardless of the fact that the Bourbon Room is about to close, saying that the Bourbon Room could not be brought down by politicians, and that rock and roll is eternal. When Dennis tells him that he feels like he let everyone down, Lonny confesses his feelings towards him (Can't Fight This Feeling) and the two finally kiss.

The Bourbon Room is in dire need of money when suddenly Paul Gill calls. He tells Dennis that he wants the Bourbon Room for Stacee Jaxx's first solo gig. Dennis asks Lonny if they could trust him, and Lonny decides to flip a coin, and then nods yes. They not only take the Stacee Jaxx gig, but the take the debuting Z Guyeezz.

As Patricia Whitmore's church and mother groups rally outside the Bourbon Room, Lonny protests against the protestors, stating that "we built this city on rock and roll" (We Built This City/We're Not Gonna Take It). The arguing stops when Stacee Jaxx arrives, and Lonny finally remembers why he recognized Patricia. As Stacee stops to talk to her, Lonny runs inside the Bourbon Room to get his Arsenal 1977 Live at the Bourbon Room album and announces to the reporter that Patricia can be seen posing nude next to Stacee on the album sleeve cover, and that she was an ex-groupie of Stacee's. Lonny runs back inside the Bourbon Room as Patricia becomes extremely angry and lashes out at the cameraman.

Lonny goes on stage to introduce Stacee Jaxx's opening acting, the Z Guyeezz, of whom he merely shrugs off and leaves the stage as the Guyeezz come on. He and Dennis watch in horror, and Dennis asks Lonny if Drew was up on stage as one of the Guyeezz, of which he replies "I'm afraid it is, yes". Dennis says that he just threw up in horror, which confuses Lonny. When Dennis goe to confront Paul, he asks where Stacee is, and Paul claims that he's sick. Drew leaves the stage to talk to Sherrie and reconcile, but Dennis tells him that if all of the people in the Bourbon want refunds, the whole club is closed. Sherrie runs off with a plan, and Stacee's bodyguards (along with Hey Man), come with a sachelle full of the money that Paul took and a note from Stacee.

Later on, Lonny can be seen with Dennis at an Arsenal concert, of which the Von Colts (Drew and Sherrie) are featuring (Don't Stop Believing).


  • "Sister Christian" / "Just Like Paradise" / "Nothin' but a Good Time"
  • "Juke Box Hero" / "I Love Rock 'n' Roll"
  • "Can't Fight This Feeling"
  • "We Built This City" / "We're Not Gonna Take It"
  • "Don't Stop Believin'"


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